June 21, 2005

Ian's Teeth

I hadn't mentioned yet but Ian lost another tooth, his lower left canine I think but that's not really the reason for this post.

Ian had an appointment at the dentist today.

A year or so ago Ian had major dental issues, he had 6 or 8 cavities and needed 4 crowns. This visit he was a little scared at first but settled down when he realized it was just a cleaning. He had a full check-up including X-Rays and this time he has no new cavities. We learned our lesson about the chewy fruit snacks. They are evil. Ian used to eat them all the time but after the dentist told us how bad they were we stopped and that seems to have done the trick. One of his 2 missing front teeth is starting to come in and his 6 year molars are starting to push in at the back of his mouth.

Posted 12 years, 9 months ago on June 21, 2005
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